Do you need a solar bird proofing solution?

Birds can unintentionally wreak havoc when it comes to your solar panels. We have the solar bird proofing solution for you.

Mesh netting is the best solution to protect your solar panels from birds. They are the smart, humane and easy to install way to deal with pest birds and other rodents.

Pests can get under your solar panels and cause damage to the electrical wiring, the roof and the panels itself. To avoid this, we’ll use stainless steel mesh coated in thick PVC coating which is also resistant to UV degradation and chemical corrosion, and mesh clips to keep it in place. This acts as a good barrier to prevent birds or any other pests from squeezing in under the solar panel. The best part is that it’s all safe and unharmful to the animals.

This is a fast and cost-effective way of protecting your roof and solar panel system. It can also help prevent leaves, debris and dirt from becoming lodged under the panels. As it is made of stainless steel, it is durable and long lasting, while remaining resistant to rust. Furthermore, it reduces ongoing maintenance / cleaning requirements and costs.


As with everything else we do, all our workmanship is backed by a lifetime warranty.

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