Solar Batteries

Solar Batteries

Adding a battery to your solar panel installation gives you a new level of savings. A battery will help maximise the value of your solar investment, because it will allow you to store excess solar energy that is generated during the day, and then use it at night when the sun is down. Also, if your solar system generates more energy than the battery can store – then it will be exported to the grid. This may allow you to get credit on your electricity bill for the amount of energy delivered to the grid.

At Rapid Solar Energy, we use LG Chem Resu, BYD and Sonnen Batteries. These are all approved by the Clean Energy Council, so you can rest assured that you have the safest and most reliable products installed on your property.

Why install a battery for solar?

By adding a battery to your solar system, you can utilise more of the solar energy that you generate. With a battery, you can store any surplus energy your panels generate so that you can use it later in the day when the sun has gone down. It all comes down to how much energy you use and when you use it during the day. For example, if your family is out of the house at work & school during the day when the sun is out and your panels are generating energy – then by the time you arrive home in the evening and start using your home’s energy, you have missed out on taking advantage of the sun’s natural energy generated by your solar panels. By adding a battery into this scenario, any excess energy that is generated throughout the day is then stored on the battery for you to use each evening. This means that you save money on your electricity bill, and you help the environment by using more naturally produced solar energy.

How do I know which battery is right for me?

There are different sized solar batteries to choose from. The correct size comes down to how much energy your property uses each day. At Rapid Solar Energy, our team of experts will help you make the right choice. We will analyse your property’s location, solar panels, energy use and time of use to recommend the most appropriate battery for your particular needs.

How does a battery work?

There are three main types of setups for the battery system; DC coupled, AC coupled and Hybrid. Each system has a different application depending on the site, existing solar system, the design and the desired outcome of the storage system.

DC Coupled


AC Coupled


Hybrid System

Clean Energy from a Home Solar Battery in NSW

While solar panels start you on your journey in renewable energy, you can only gain freedom ‘from the grid’ with a home battery storage system. In NSW, the government has a goal to provide 50% of NSW’s energy through renewable energy by 2030 and so they are helping residents with a Home Battery Scheme.

What is the Home Battery Scheme in NSW?

For owner occupied households who earn less than $180k per year, an interest free loan is available. Over the next decade, up to 300,000 homes are meant to benefit from this. The forecasted savings are an immediate $285, and potentially more than $2,000 per year after the loan is repaid.

So, now you can be part of helping the environment while helping your wallet too!

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Hook up to our partner’s Virtual Power Plant and Reap the Benefits!

A virtual power plant uses the latest cloud-based software to sell your solar storage power on your behalf when the demand is high. The virtual power plant providers split the profit with you. To join the power plant you need to have a compatible battery management system, compatible grid inverter, and good internet connection.

– Join with our partner on their virtual power plant and get paid while you sleep

– Become part of a revolutionary new virtual power plant that sells your power and splits the profit with you

– Save the planet and get paid to do it

– Earn 25c feed-in tariff on your excess solar

– 10-year product warranty

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