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Six Reasons to use Rapid Solar

  • We’ve installed thousands of systems across Sydney and New South Wales.
  • We’ve been in business for over 12 years, and we are not going anywhere.
  • We are accredited by the Clean Energy Council.
  • We deliver on time every time with zero defects.
  • All workmanship is backed with a lifetime warranty.
  • Financing options available.

Did you know that Solar Energy produces no CO2 pollution?

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Why Does My Company Need Solar?

From cost savings to positive environmental impacts, there are many reasons to invest in commercial solar for your building today. Learn more about this investment for your business below.

Environmental Benefits

Help change the world! Switch to solar and reduce your carbon footprint. Sunlight is free, and by using it as a natural energy source, you can help the environment by reducing our dependence on fossil fuels. Fossil fuels continue to cause damage to land, weather, sea levels and other ecological damage. Solar energy is carbon free, so if you make the switch then you are helping to reduce the harmful effects of carbon dioxide emissions on our planet.

Cost Savings

Electricity prices continue to rise. Reduce your operating costs by switching to cost-effective solar energy today. The bigger your building, the more staff you have – the more electricity you consume which ultimately contributes to your high operating costs. Why not save on these costs by using the free energy from the sun?

Low Maintenance

With little to no maintenance required, you can enjoy the benefits of renewable energy without the hassle. We will take care of any maintenance when and should it be required.

How does Solar Energy work?

When the sun shines on your solar panels, the panels convert sunlight into DC (direct current) electricity. The solar inverter then converts this into AC (alternating current) energy to use in your building. So, instead of drawing electricity from the costly grid, you can use the energy naturally sourced from the sun to power your operations efficiently and effectively!

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estimated solar pricing
*Prices are estimates only. Please contact us directly for a personalised and accurate quote.

We Support Australian Made

By partnering with industry leaders, we have access one of the largest and fully automated manufacturing facilities in Australia. After meticulous manufacturing, testing and quality assurance standards it ensures high quality solar power which is produced locally at globally competitive pricing. We love supporting Australian Made, and you should too!

Get a Quote Today

At Rapid Solar Energy, we only use best solar brands in the business. We supply and install all the top brands of solar panels including Trina, Canadian Solar, Jinko, QCELL, LG, Solaria and Serephium to name a few. We only work with the best Inverter brands too including Solax, INVT, Trannergy, ABB, SMA and Fronius. We’ve been in business for over 12 years, and we are not going anywhere, so we’ll be here long into the future to help you with your solar needs. You can feel confident and secure with your solar decision, by partnering with us today.

Experience the benefits of Solar today. Call us on 1300 172 743  for a free consultation and we’ll help you select the right system for your building.

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